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Also available in the US via IndieReign now

There is a new platform that features NOSELAND in the US: IndieReign, where you can BU or RENT the movie for low prices. Please share and comment to drive sales. A DVD for Europe is coming soon by the way, so stay tuned for just a little longer!

October 18th - Festival Screening

Free entry at the CLAIRE OBSCURE Film Festival in BASEL, SWITZERLAND where Noseland is part of. It's the swiss premeire by the way! DVD to be released soon though. With 20mins of unseen material!

Available in the US via hulu

You lucky US-fans, again! If you have a subscription, go to HULU and enjoy NOSELAND at home. Please comment and rate us to drive placement and sales (also tell your friends if you want to support us).

Available in the US via VoD

You lucky US-fans! You are now able to enjoy NOSELAND in its full digital HD glory via VIMEO ON DEMAND. You can rate us there and spread the word! BUY it or RENT it - you can watch it on any device, including your SmartTV! More to come soon!

Noseland across German area - starting May 8th 2014

Now you can experience Noseland on the big silver screen (FSK-0, German subtitles, 5.1 Surround) in some cinemas in the German area with the help of our German distributor missingFILMs. Yay!

Premiere Austria: May 8th 2014, 8pm in Vienna at FILMCASINO
Attending guests include Aleksey Igudesman - Pictures on Facebook here!
Regular screenings: Vienna (starting May 9th) at TOPKINO, Graz (starting May 9th) at FILMZENTRUM, Klagenfurt (starting May 22nd) at VOLKSKINO, Linz (starting July TBA) at MOVIEMENTO, Wels (starting July 1st) at PROGRAMMKINO

Premiere Germany: June 12th 2014, 7pm in Berlin at BABYLON KINO
Attending guests include Aleksey Igudesman & Julian Rachlin (FIFA-opening streamed after)
Regular screenings: Berlin (starting June 12th) at BABYLON KINO, DIE KISTE, FILMRAUSCHPALAST, LICHTBLICK KINO, LADENKINO, ROLLBERG KINO, Saarbrücken (starting May 22nd) at FILMHAUS, Cologne (starting June 12th) at FILMHAUS, Dortmund (starting June 12th) at SWEETSIXTEENKINO, Munich (starting June 12th) at MONOPOL, Nürnberg (starting July 31st) at FILMHAUS, Leipzig (starting July 31st) at SCHAUBÜHNE, Halle (starting July 3rd) at PUSCHKINO, Regensburg (starting June 24th) at FILMGALERIE, Hamburg (November 18th) at B-Movie Kino, Weiterstadt (starting November 30th) at Kommunales Kino, Mannheim (TBA, December) at Atlantis Kino


Partner for World Sales (TV, VOD)

We are very happy to announce that the TV VERSION of NOSELAND is now internationally (except German area) represented by 10FRANCS, a SALES AGENCY in Paris, France - Starting now! Please address all TV inquiries to them! See you soon on small screens worldwide.

Cinema Distribution Deal German Area

Every Jack has his Jill: We are extremely excited that NOSELAND finally also found its partner in crime for (limited) cinematic distribution. MISSINGFILMS will see to all the distribution needs in the German area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) - Starting May 2014. We will run with German subtitles and FSK-0 and 20mins longer on DVD (exclusive deleted scenes).

April 14th, 2014 - Special Screening

Catch NOSELAND in BERLIN again at Konzerthaus Berlin in their little Musicclub. Tickets are only 5 Euros and there will be a Q&A afterwards. Check their website for more details: KONZERTHAUS BERLIN!

March 8th, 2014 - Festival Screening

Finally NOSELAND is also coming to CROATIA! It will be part of the DORF FILM FESTIVAL in VINKOVCI from March 6th to 9th. Details concerning the screening date to be announced soon, check their WEBSITE!

February 1st, 2014 - Festival Screening

NOSELAND will be shown in LANDSBERG (near MUNICH) as part of the 1st Snowdance Independent Film Festival at 3:15pm. Soon there will be an official cinematic release in German-speaking countries as well.

November 24th, 2013 - Special Screening

NOSELAND will be shown in BERLIN again as part of the 25th birthday celebration of Sputnik Kino at 6pm. Everyone is invited to coffee&cake before (together with a little classical music performance) at 4pm. A nice sunday afternoon, don't you think?

October 17th, 2013 - Festival Screening

Finally NOSELAND will be shown in Vienna, where it will be part of the Jewish Film Festival 2013 on October 17th at 19:30h. You can get tickets on the festival's website. There is also a press screening (not public) on september 30th. We will see you there! THIS IS OUR LAST OFFICIAL FESTIVAL!

September 9th, 2013 - Festival Screening

Antoher screening in Bucharest, Romania as part of the Enescu Music Festival 2013 on September 9th in a big cinema right after "The Infernal Comedy" with John Malkovich, which Noseland refers to in one of its critics (also read by John Malkovich himself).

August 24th, 2013 - Festival Screening

Also Berlin will have a NOSELAND screening this year. It will be part of the International Film Awards Berlin 2013 on August 24th at 8pm in SPUTNIK KINO Kreuzberg. Get Tickets here and meet the team.

July 31st, 2013 - Festival Screening

A very short notice screening of NOSELAND on the Island of Patmos in Greece at the 3rd International Film Festival of Patmos. Julian Rachlin also gave a little live concert there.

July 1-6th, 2013 - Festival Nomination

NOSELAND is nominated for BEST EDITING and BEST DIRECTING at MADRID International FILM FESTIVAL 2013. Congrats to us!

March 16-25, 2013 - Festival Screening

Our second festival in 2013 will be at Julian's birth place Vilnius. NOSELAND is going be part of the 18th Vilnius International Film Festival (Kino Pavasaris) in Lithuania. It will run a few times in their "Music Films" section from March 16th until 25th.

January 19, 2013 - Festival Screening

We are very happy to start 2013 with a special screening at the 24th Trieste Film Festival (Alpe-Adria Cinema) in Triest, Italy as part of the acclaimed "Walls of Sound" section. Happy 2013!

December 17, 2012 - Festival Screening

We are honored to announce, that the 4th Les Arcs European Film Festival in Les Arcs, France will screen NOSELAND as part of their EUROPEAN PANORAMA section on December 17th and 18th. Get tickets on their website!

December 8, 2012 - Festival Screening

Welcome to Miami! We are proud to let you know, DOCmiami: International Documentary Film Festival in Miami, Florida will screen NOSELAND as part of their competative section on December 8th.

November 20, 2012 - Festival Screening

The 7th Sonoro International Music Festival in Bucharest, Romania will screen NOSELAND as part of their great classical music festival in a special screening. Our second time in Romania.

November 18, 2012 - Festival Screening

The Exposed Film Fest for first Films will have NOSELAND as the GERMAN PREMIERE in their competitive section on October 18 at 8pm. You can get TICKETS on their website! Igudesman and Rachlin will be there as well!

October 19, 2012 - Festival Screening

NOSELAND is going to be shown in the U.S. for the first time! The 3rd New York City Independent Film Festival will screen us in their competitive section on October 19 at 9pm. You can get TICKETS on their website too!

October 20, 2012 - Festival Screening

NOSELAND will be shown in the non-competitive program of the 13th Bergen International Film Festival (Norway) on October 20th and 21st. Tickets are available on the festival website!

October 14, 2012 - Festival Screening

We are very looking forward to taking part in the OFFICIAL SELECTION of the 1st Tyrolean Independent Film Festival (Austria) on October 14. It will be our National Premiere.
NOSELAND won the HONORARY MENTION of the jury in the category "Docu Feature"

September 27, 2012 - Festival Screening

On September 27 NOSELAND will be shown on the opening night of The Moscow Film Festival BUDEM ZHIT in the famous hotel Moskva on the Red Square. More details will be announced soon!

September 21, 2012 - Festival Screening

The 7th Batumi International Art House Film Festival (Georgia) will be screening NOSELAND as part of the non-competitive section of their wonderful festival, which will take place September 19-22.

July 3, 2012 - Festival Screening

We are even happier to announce that NOSELAND got chosen for the 47th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in Czech Rebulic from June 29 to July 7, 2012. It will run in their competitive "Forum of Independents". The whole team was there, see PICTURES on our facebook page.

June 8, 2012 - Festival Screening

We are very happy to announce that NOSELAND got invited to the 11th Transilvania International Film Festival in Cluj, Romania. It will run as our WORLD PREMIERE in their "Special Screenings Showcase". You also find some PHOTOS on our facebook page! See a video interview here.

Featured on AFC's Website

There is a feature of NOSELAND in the official archive of the Austria Film Comission Website. If you are interested in screening NOSELAND at your festival, please do not hesitate and contact us! Find some REVIEWS here!

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Noseland is a humorous ode to the world of classical music and some of its star musicians. Although it is a feature length documentary, it crosses genres into fiction and comedy.

The world famous violinist with a nose fetish, Julian Rachlin, takes over the town of Dubrovnik, Croatia, every year to bring together some of the world's greatest musicians, actors and composers and create a unique two week long classical music festival. His oldest friend, the violinist, composer and "wanna-be" filmmaker Aleksey Igudesman offers to make a documentary film that will take an "inside look" at this "fairytale" festival but things seem to go wrong from the start.

Finding himself in the role of a somewhat oblivious producer, Rachlin watches the documentary fall apart in front of his eyes, as Igudesman manages to offend every one of the artists he interviews. By the time John Malkovich starts ranting about how much Rachlin "sucks" and all classical musicians are depicted as "gay", Rachlin realizes that this is not quite what he expected.

A mix between being boldly sincere and outright ridiculous, questions like "What does a conductor actually do?" and "Why does anyone come to a music festival in the first place?" fail to be answered in the most eloquent way. The extraordinary classical music, performed by some of today's greatest musicians, mingled with moments of film making failure evoke utter bewilderment in Rachlin.

In the end, Aleksey Igudesman makes Sir Roger Moore cry on camera and Julian Rachlin fear for his future, not only as a classical soloist...

Aleksey Igudesman: Interview with myself

Aleksey Igudesman, a world famous violinist, composer and comedian, makes his film directing debut with NOSELAND. Together with the young Austrian filmmaker Sebastian Leitner, he has created a highly original, independent docu-mocku-feature combining humor with classical music. He has also started talking to himself...

What makes you think that a musician and, as you quite rightly put it in the synopsis, a "wanna-be film maker", can make a decent movie without having any kind of movie making experience?

It is not quite true that I've had no previous movie making experience. I have edited many of my own clips and short films for YouTube or as extras on DVDs. Because my work with IGUDESMAN & JOO involves a lot of comedy where the visual side is as important as the music and the spoken word, I have been experimenting with film for numerous years.

Through my work with Hans Zimmer on numerous soundtracks in recent years, I have also had the pleasure of working directly with such great directors as Guy Ritchie, Gore Verbinsky, Jim L. Brooks and Christopher Nolan, who all have such an individual, contrasting and yet fascinating approach to music in combination with film that I have ultimately ended up with a truly diverse and unique training in this field.

What is the movie actually about?

I have always enjoyed movies the most that are not about anything. Or, to rephrase it, that are about nothing. Subtle difference, but very important. Since I am a musician and I write music, this is not a question I, or anyone else for that matter, would ever ask. What is this piece of music about? People tend to accept that most music is some form of more or less abstract art to be enjoyed for the mere beauty of it. Although most movies have the pretense of being about something, the real strength in a good film or any work of art is its shape, its form, the feel of it, the sound of it and the emotions it takes you through. The combination of all these aspects makes any work of art what it really is, in essence. The actual "meaning" is and must always be secondary, I believe.

The honesty is hidden within the context of humor, but the fact is that a lot of the things said by the great musicians in this movie are the truth. Last but not least, there is the theme of criticism in general. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what is the most incredible performance for one person is an unbearable interpretation for the other. "The Music Critic", a project I developed for the Julian Rachlin and Friends Festival with John Malkovich in the main role, is featured in the documentary, but criticism of all sorts and the role of critics are touched upon in other parts of the movie as well.

What would you like to achieve through your movie and what are your dreams for the future?

One thing I've always been highly allergic to is actors playing musicians on screen. We don't believe you, even if you learn the violin for half a year and practice many hours a day. A musician is so particular in his movements on the instrument and his or her behavior on and off stage that it is practically impossible for an actor to emulate, short of actually becoming a musician. My dream is to make fictional movies about musicians, where the main roles are played by great musicians themselves.

How did you choose the music for the movie?

The incredible music, ranging from some of the greatest chamber music ever written, such as the Schubert String Quintet and Brahms Sextet, was all performed, filmed and recorded at the Julian Rachlin and Friends Festival. The great thing is that the performances became the soundtrack of the movie. And to capture the magic of these powerful interpretations was essential to me.

In fact, the humor and all of the interviews are mostly edited to the music and not the other way round, as is mostly the case. Clearly I saw this documentary more like a large piece of extremely eclectic music and therefore I approached it quite differently from a regular film maker.


Press & Contact

The press brochure (download below) is also available as a high quality, print-ready PDF upon request. It contains screenshots, making-of pictures and lots of details about the movie, its cast & crew and the technical specifications. Furthermore, as press brochures go, it's great to look at! Please feel free to contact us if you need single screenshots or photos for print or web, we also have a huge Press-Kit ready for download! Find more News, Pictures and REVIEWS on our Facebook-Page!

Directed by
Aleksey Igudesman

DOP & Editor
Sebastian Leitner

Produced by
Julian Rachlin
Aleksey Igudesman

Executive Producer
George Votis

Associate Producer
Sabina Hasanova
Sebastian Leitner

Supervising Sound Editor and Mixer
FastForward Studios Vienna
Jonas Petersen

Boom and Original Sound
Jakub Velikovsky

Color Grading
Mario Seidl

Credits Animation
Eldar Siradjov

Nico Grienauer

Photography & Graphic Design
Julia Wesely
Manfred Zechmann

Distributor German Area
Christos Acrivulis

Sales International
10FRANCS, Guy Knafo
5COMEDIA, Rainer Hastrich

Subtitle Editing
Jenny Lippl
Sabina Hasanova
Anna Sinna
Bianca Okresek
Lea Hensen
Elisa Susmel
Michael Sachsenmaier
Luis Antonio Delgado
Margaux Baleriaux

Production Assistance
Sabina Hasanova
Lisa Neumann
Nastassja Boreyko
John Megill

Legal Assistance
Mag. Oliver Ertl

Live Sound Recording and Mix
Friedemann Engelbrecht
Philipp Knop

5.1 Sound Mix and Mastering
PDV Lounge/Soundmill Vienna
Philipp Treiber
Volker Werner

Original Music
composed by Aleksey Igudesman
composed by Richard Dubugnon
composed by Giya Kancheli

John Malkovich
Sir Roger Moore
Julian Rachlin
Aleksey Igudesman
Pavel Vernikov
Boris Kuschnir
Fumiaki Miura
Itamar Golan
Sophie Rachlin
Branimir Pofuk
Nicola Benedetti
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Mischa Maisky
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Ryan McAdams
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Sabina Hasanova

Academy of St. Martin in the Fields

Additional Musicians
Annabelle Meare
Julia-Maria Kretz
David Jansen
Inon Barnatan
Yury Revich
Elena Semenova
Lev Solodovnikov
Hannah Tarley
Stephanie Ko
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